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China's Mold Industry With An Annual Output Of 200 Billion RMB

Qingdao Kangqiao Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 01, 2016

Reporters from the 18th opening of the "2013 China International Mold, manufacturing applications and related industrial equipment exhibition" on the understanding that China's modern mold industry has formed nearly 200 billion yuan of annual production capacity and more than 1,300 billion in annual sales lump sum. In the basic development of the domestic manufacturing industry to meet the needs of the mold at the same time, mold exports reached 3.7 billion US dollars (about 230 billion yuan), the world's mold manufacturing and export power.

    According to China Die & Mold Industry Association, the Chinese mold in the international procurement of mold has a certain price advantage, especially with the development of forming technology and mold forming equipment, higher integration requirements for mold enterprises in the mold of new technologies, New structure put forward higher requirements, and then advanced processing equipment, manufacturing software, knives, tooling equipment and other market demand more exuberant.

    More than 600 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions including Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries participated in this exhibition. The exhibition covers precision machining and measurement, molds, mold parts, tools and materials, stamping equipment and plastics Machinery, CAD / CAM / CAE integration and information technology, forming technology and 3D materials manufacturing technology plate.

    The exhibition for the first time to open "automotive mold and equipment exhibition", a comprehensive display of automotive mold and automotive equipment closely related. International 3D material manufacturing technology by two well-known enterprises 3D system and STRATASYS / Object at the same time domestic exhibition debut, bringing the world's leading high-end 3D printing forming technology and equipment, become a major attraction of this exhibition. The exhibition also arranged "Automotive Manufacturing Equipment and Mold Development Forum", "Automotive Lightweight Manufacturing Technology Report" and other high-level technical activities, "Auto Body Mold and Equipment Annual Meeting" and "Rubber Mold Annual Meeting" will also cooperate with the topic .