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How To Maintain The Tyre Mold

Qingdao Kangqiao Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 08, 2016

Everything has a certain life expectancy, in order to extend the useful life, we must understand the correct maintenance methods, the following is on the rubber mold of the correct maintenance.

    First, the regular maintenance of the mold wear curve is present in each mold. Mold maintenance is in the realization of the field of abnormal wear, this time the number of stamping process is easy to learn. When the number of processing to meet, mold maintenance implementation, maintenance plan, not only easy to learn maintenance projects, but also easy to control the maintenance time.

    Second, improved maintenance In order to extend the life of mold, stability and quality, easy maintenance and other purposes, and improve the part of the mold with special maintenance.

    Third, the daily maintenance refers to the normal rubber mold cleaning, inspection, and moved to oil and so on. This work is usually to confirm the mold is in a normal state, you can early detection of anomalies.

    Fourth, the state of emergency repair rubber mold processing, there will be some changes in the formation of the state can not continue to use. Such as burrs larger, the size of the wrong, such as scarring, mold parts burning. Because of similar abnormalities start mold maintenance, maintenance of the content known as the accident. This maintenance is usually used until the near limit, if the cost of rubber mold maintenance time is more important, life is a short mold. Since this is a sudden maintenance, there must be a device in the program to stop, and emergency repairs.