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International Mold Manufacturing Center Of Gravity Is Being Transferred To China

Qingdao Kangqiao Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 04, 2016

At present, the international mold industry is in the transition period, that is, the international mold manufacturing center of gravity is gradually transferred to China, while South Asia, Central Asia, Latin America, India and other emerging mold market is growing rapidly, in such a big environment, the mold industry should take this Opportunities to develop.

    The face of 2015 sales of about 124 billion RMB, experts predict that the next few years, China's mold industry will also be about 20% growth rate.

    Experts pointed out that the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, China's mold industry according to the requirements of new-type industrialization, accelerate the development mode change, the extensive development mode to save, intensive development mode, increase technological innovation, independent innovation, eliminate backward, mergers and acquisitions Efforts to accelerate the mold industry to adjust and optimize the structure of the upgrade, the future development prospects can be expected to be a good.

    With the increasingly fierce international competition, and the increasingly complex market demand, the mold industry is facing a severe test, relying on a single advantage has been difficult to obtain significant advantages, so in the future development, China mold industry should focus on "diversification" development of.

    According to the current market information, the industry believes that the mold products should be large, sophisticated, complex and precision machining technology, computer technology, intelligent control and green manufacturing as one of the new technology for the direction of the development of equipment, so the future mold enterprises in the production Process, should continue to learn advanced technology, and strive to management information, technology integration, sophisticated equipment, manufacturing digital, fine, high-speed processing and automation direction; the same time, the industry should be to information technology, green manufacturing and Sustainable development.