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Motorcycle Tire Mold Appearance Shape And Related Standards

Qingdao Kangqiao Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

For each pair of motorcycle tire mold we have a complete set of technical requirements and manufacturing philosophy:

1. Motorcycle tire mold appearance, shape and related standards

1: motorcycle tire mold size in line with customer requirements, in line with customer specified injection molding machine model.

2: customer nameplate production, (motorcycle tire mold number, motorcycle tire mold weight, motorcycle tire mold size, production start time) to install rivets fixed, the location meet the standard.

3: positioning circle size in line with technical requirements, higher than the top 10mm, the installation must be deposited on the fixed plate, not directly attached to the template, the use of more than two screws.

4: Gate sleeve R meets the standard, sprue sets R> Molding machine R

5: pouring sleeve and runner surface polished to 600 # sandpaper above, to avoid edges and corners.

6: mold base template in the lower right corner of the day with the word hit the motorcycle tire mold number; template number A0, B0; inlet and outlet water mark IN, OUT; connecting pipeline mark L; in and out of oil mark O IN, O OUT; Word code meets standard. Motorcycle tire mold appearance rotten word, arrow "UP" in accordance with customer requirements

7: motorcycle tire mold side of the installation of feet to protect the bottom, no special circumstances can be replaced with garbage.

8: large motorcycle tire mold (8 tons or more), motorcycle tire mold clamping need to open U-slot or perforation, and the molding machine corresponding to the fixed position.

9: mold surface surface shall not have pits, rust, unnecessary ring, out of water, gas, oil holes and other effects of the appearance of defects.

10: mold plate, hole, edge should be greater than 1.5mm chamfer. Except for special parts.

11: to ensure that all rings can be rotated in the end, hanging balance.

12: throttle plate under the installation of garbage nails, the top plate to do the trip positioning block, can not use screws instead.

13: motorcycle tire mold head area should reach the side of the stern between the template area of 30%, the head is higher than the mold legs 0.15mm, does not interfere with the top hole.

14: all motorcycle tire mold screws shall not be short, sliding teeth and other defects; M12 (including M12) above the use of screws (12.9). Screw hanging material length, screw diameter of 1.2 times or more.

15: screw head hole for the bottom of the plane, the screw can not be installed higher than the countersunk hole, the end of the plane 1-2MM.

16: parts weighing more than 10KG should be the corresponding ring ring, ring hole size and location meet the standard.

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