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New Production Of SENTURY In SEMA EXOP

Qingdao Kangqiao Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 24, 2016

  Recently, the United States SEMA exhibition in Las Vegas kicked off.


Brand “Groundspeed”four series is starting debut

Nearly a hundred thousand from all over the world star enterprise buyers, automotive industry elite, gathered in the exhibition.

Qingdao Kirin Tire Co., Ltd., also brought its tire products debut exhibition site, including its latest R & D results - anti-barbed tires.


The latest production - anti-piercing tires stunning show

The SEMA exhibition, Senlin unicorn to bring its three tire brand Senlin Kirin, road route, Delint, all coming out.

Senlin Kirin for the US market tailor-made brand new ground tire groundspeed, the first appearance that attracted great attention.


Sentury tires intelligent manufacturing site video detonated exhibition

This time, Groundspeed exhibited four series of products: M + S all-weather all-weather HP; all terrain off-road AT tires; SUV multi-function highway HT; sports high-performance UHP and large SUV tires.

The series of products by the first forest Kirin Tire Co., Ltd. for production, plans in 2017 to the US market.