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Solid Tyre Mould Help To Improve Work Efficiency

Qingdao Kangqiao Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

The solid tire mold is a kind of tire corresponding to the pneumatic tire (hollow tire), the carcass is solid, without the cord as the skeleton, need not inflate, the solid tire mold will not be the risk of product puncture. Next Xiaobian for everyone to tell us about the characteristics of solid tire mold.

First, the excellent use of safe performance, help to improve work efficiency. Because the solid tire mold carcass for the whole rubber composition, to maximize the tire puncture resistance, from the fundamental elimination of industrial vehicles in the load and operation process and in the harsh operating environment of the tire piercing hidden dangers. Solid tire mold load - deformation of small, stable operation, because of its resistance to stab resistance tear, no inflatable, to avoid the frequent tire tires for heavy labor, can improve vehicle utilization and efficiency, in the low-speed, high efficiency In the running vehicle, the solid tire mold can replace the pneumatic tire.

Second, a reasonable structural design, to ensure that the tire has a good performance. Ai Fen Te solid tire mold using advanced three-stage structure design, three kinds of rubber were to ensure the overall performance of the tire. High rigidity, high strength base rubber and steel ring support, both to ensure that the tire is quite competitive, but also to ensure that the tire and the rim of the tightness, fundamentally eliminate the solid tire mold slip problem; high elastic middle rubber, effective To absorb the vibration generated when the vehicle is running, with a comfortable ride, while avoiding the damage to the vehicle; thick tread rubber layer to ensure that the tire tear-resistant wear performance, improve the use of solid tire mold life. In addition, LINDE forklift dedicated tire reasonable drum and CLICK structural design to ensure that the tire installation and tight fit with the rim, widening the tire section, improve the stability of the vehicle operation.

Third, advanced technology and formula design. The production of Effington's solid tire molds is based on advanced technology with more than half a century of production history and experience in the UK Industrial Tire Company, which maximizes the use of tires in rubber formulation design. In particular, all of the base rubber is imported from abroad. Rigid, low heat rubber, tires in the run-time heat and temperature rise to a minimum, while improving the tire's heat resistance, thus solving the solid tire mold due to temperature rise caused by swelling, slip ring, burst and other serious Problem; advanced formula design also reduces the tire rolling resistance.

Fourth, in the solution of tire slip ring, out of pieces, cracks and other aspects of the advantages. The use of imported fiber glue as the tire base rubber, to improve the tire's heat performance, so that the operation of the tire heat greatly reduced. Solid tires and rims are fitted together by an interference fit, and the expansion of the carcass is too high to cause the tire to slide. The fiber has a good rigidity, hardness, very good, small deformation, small expansion coefficient, low heat and other advantages, thus fundamentally eliminating the tire heat caused by the expansion of the hub and the resulting slip ring phenomenon.

Fifth, the structural changes on the tire performance. CLICK (easy-to-install) structure tire cross-section widened, to enhance the stability of the vehicle in operation.