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The Analysis For The Developing Direction Of Mold

Qingdao Kangqiao Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19, 2016

Mold new technology research and development and application will become the mold manufacturing industry in the future focus on the direction of development. For example, I take the high-end automotive mold line is the only way to mold the development of enterprises, market demand and development also contributed to other large and medium-sized stamping parts supporting the large multi-position progressive die should also focus on development.

    According to statistics, China's key enterprises to die nearly 110, of which about 37% of stamping dies, these data strongly prove that China has become a car mold manufacturing power of the facts. However, the development of China's automobile mold is not so ideal, high-end automotive mold business technology standards is not up to standard, low technological innovation, lack of new mold research and development capacity of this series of reasons are constraining the development of China's auto mold industry , Leading to automobile mold enterprises can not produce high-end market to match the mold, high-end car manufacturers need to die must also rely on imports.

    On the contrary domestic high-end die business occasionally because of insufficient production load, had to change the initial positioning of the market away to seize the low-end market. Due to low profit margins in the low-end market, resulting in its investment in R & D and technological innovation funds rarely, under certain circumstances formed a vicious circle, so that enterprises have not entered a virtuous cycle of development, the domestic high-end automotive mold enterprises More, making it facing increasingly fierce market competition.

    Mold expert Luo Baihui said that domestic high-end automotive mold enterprises in addition to the traditional mold enterprises to meet the Q-quality, C cost, T cycle requirements, the mold of new technology research and development and application will become the focus of mold manufacturing industry in the future direction of development.

    Multi-station progressive die and fine die represent the development direction of the stamping die, precision requirements and life expectancy is very high, mainly for the electronic information industry, automotive, instrumentation, electrical appliances and other ancillary. These two kinds of mold, the domestic has quite a foundation, and has introduced foreign technology and equipment, individual enterprise production of products has reached the world level, but most enterprises are still a large gap, the total also in short supply, imports more.

    For the VLSI for supporting more than 100 lead and 0.2mm clearance lead frame below the matching precision for more than 5mm precision matching micro-connector for 1.6mm below the micro-motor core matching and for the CRT and electron gun, etc. Supporting the development of precision molds is the top priority.